Metalpress carries out quality control of the batch and its own production at all stages. This is done in the company’s modern laboratory.


In order to ensure the quality of production, experienced and trained personnel carry out appropriate tests.


Composition survey

We test the chemical composition of each batch of castings produced. We also offer chemical composition testing of aluminium and copper alloys. We have two modern spectrometers (X-ray and emission spectrometers), which can quickly and accurately check the chemical composition of a previously supplied metal sample.

The results are immediately sent to the customer by e-mail or post.



We carry out chemical composition control during melting and on finished products on stationary equipment, and rapid batch control is also supported by portable equipment.

Hardness testing according to the Brinell method in the 5/750 and 5/250 ranges is carried out on an automatic hardness tester.

The microstructure of the alloys produced can be observed at any stage of the manufacturing process.
Equipped with a metallographic microscope with a magnification of up to 1000x, it offers the possibility of observation in reflected light, bright and dark field and polarised light.

The microscope works with software that supports phase and grain analysis. The images obtained are stored digitally.
The laboratory is equipped to prepare metallographic specimens by cutting the workpiece on a semi-automatic cutting machine and making a metallographic deposit on an automatic grinding and polishing machine.

The finished product is subjected to dimensional control and visual evaluation of surface and internal macro defects. The laboratory is equipped with a stereoscopic microscope with up to 100x magnification. We are able to store digital images.

Acting in accordance with the requirements set forth in Art. 32c item. 2 of the Act of November 29, 2000. Atomic Law (consolidated text Dz.U. 2021,item 1941), we inform you that in the last 12 months there has been no impact of the conducted activities on human health and the environment, and that there have been no releases of radioactive substances into the environment in connection with the conducted activities.